Cyphy intelligent private cloud storage - GreenShare is a customized private cloud storage service launched by Cyphy on the basis of Cyphy enterprise- level scale-up cloud storage, possessing with data protection security of “bank- level”.

Using Cyphy cloud storage - GreenShare, users can get access to and manage the files easily through web page, Windows client, Android client and IOS client, etc. Users can also upload files from any terminals to the Cyphy cloud storage, or carry out cross- terminal view and share at any point in time.

Supporting desktop data backup, which can automatically backup the PC data that need to be synchronized to the cloud disk. No additional installation of third- party backup software is needed, ensuring security of PC data.

At the same time, as the storage device is placed on the user’s own territory, data self- control can not only solve the closing down risk and privacy disclosure issues of the public cloud storage, but also possess with the advantage of large- capacity storage like the public cloud storage. It’s the best option of creating private cloud storage.

GreenShare unique advantages:

1. Unified user management:

Enterprise can configure the user according to the actual situation, user name and password are conducted unified management and configuration by the administrator, and then distributed to each user. Users can carry out account password change according to own situation. Cloud storage management can be interworking with users’ existing user management of Windows Active Director.”

2. Files intelligent classification:

Automatic classification is carried out on the files uploaded by users, which is more convenient for browsing and looking up. According to types of files stored by users, it can automatically classify files uploaded, like files, pictures and videos, etc., which is of great convenience for users to browse and manage the files. It’s very unique.”

3. Space self- control:

Enterprise may distribute each user’s using space according to the actual situation. Each user can only use the space configured. Space extension should be put forward to the administrator. After permitted, the administrator can redistribute the user’s using space according to actual requesting situation.”

4. Bulk and quick upload:

Maximum uploading size for single files can be configured on the PC client and the WEB version. Without limitation of uploading speed, network speed determines the uploading speed; It also supports bulk operation with one click to have a bulk upload, which is convenient and practical, saving uploading time to the greatest extent.”

5. Multiple platforms sharing:

It supports access of multiple platforms like the web version, PC, Android, iOS and the like mobile phone clients, which can carry out cross- platform and cross- terminal access and file sharing at any point in time. All files uploaded are preserved on the Cyphy cloud storage. Users can log in to access all files stored in all platforms through whatever platforms, which truly realize storage and random access at any time.”

6. Safe and easy sharing:

It’s easy to share files and folders, supporting multiple means like email, link and secret share. During file sharing, a corresponding link will be generated. Just click the corresponding link can quickly access your file shared. Password share is also available, effectively ensuring privacy security.”